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The Fanfic Basics: New Fics Added Every Few Months

  • Read the details and warnings before proceeding with each story. Not only here, but after following the links as well. There's always the small chance that a fic was archived improperly by mistake.

  • The stories are listed first by sexual content (non-sexual or sexual), and then by baby. After that, they aren't officially listed in any order. But it's common for popular or well-written fics to appear higher on each list than very short or incomplete fics. Ideally, every fic would be complete and well-written, but infantilism pickings are slim.

  • Newly-archived fics will be announced periodically on the community homepage. Will one of them be your WIP fic?

  • If you are an author and would like your story removed from this archive, please contact the mods and it will be removed immediately. With this in mind, readers are encouraged to bookmark, copy and paste, or download their favorite fics. Mods cannot provide readers with download links, especially if they don't exist. ;) Apologies.

  • Don't forget to eat and sleep. Let the cat in. Let the dog out. Turn down the brightness on your monitor. Finally, remember to always show appreciation for authors by leaving feedback and a big ol' smiley face!

Non-Sexual Comforting Infantilism Fics:

Baby!Jensen or Baby!Dean:

1. Daddy's Boy by SailorChibi: Gen w/ hints of Sam/Castiel, Complete at 44,000 words.

Dean was just a shy, lonely college student until the day he was kidnapped. Sam and Castiel are determined to show him what its like to be the baby of loving, supportive parents. Dean's equally determined to escape - but what he doesn't realize is that his plan to gain the trust of his "parents" by going along with what they want might be backfiring on him.

2. Nightmares of Innocents by Disneymagics: PG-13/Teen, Complete at 15,000 words.

Jared adopted Baby!Jensen years ago, as a single father. When Jared is forced to go back to work, he hires a nanny (Mark Pellegrino) to care for Jensen. Little does he know, the nanny abuses Jensen. PLEASE NOTE: this story is the third in the Innocents 'Verse. All stories total 52,300 words.

3. Cursed Blessings by jsymo: R, Baby!Dean and Sam/Cas parents (warning: contains graphic sex between Sam/Cas), Complete at 152,000 words.

Dean wakes with the knowledge that he's been cursed by the witch he had been hunting. While he easily accepts the fact that he's in the hospital, he isn't so quick on the uptake for his physical changes. Suddenly, he's being adopted by two men who keep calling themselves "Papa" and "Daddy", and with bottles, baby carriers, and diapers comes the realization that he's been turned into an infant.

4. Oh, Baby! by SLunne: PG/Gen, WIP at 30,000 words.

While on a hunt with Sam and Castiel, Dean catches the witch before them. His typical smart-mouth "baby" comments only serve to piss the witch off, and she curses Dean. Now the world sees Dean as a baby/young toddler, including Sam, Castiel, and even the heavenly dick squad. Dean's stuck in diapers and not happy about it... not one bit.

5. Little Man by Richochet_Rowdon: PG/Gen w Baby!Jensen and Jeff/Jarden parents, WIP at 95,000 words.

Homeless Jensen is captured off the streets and brought to a Baby Adoption Center, where body modifications and non-con adoptions are common. Jared and Jeff, uncomfortable with the idea of adopting a non-consenting baby, are about to leave when the doors burst open as Jensen attempts to escape. Though "untrained", he begs them not to leave him, and things escalate from there.

6. Gentle Touch by thebuttonghost: PG-13/Teen, Incomplete at 13,000 words.

Dean wakes up in a hospital after being beaten by his father. Crippled by the attack, Dean can only walk if he uses crutches and his memory is spotty. His physical therapist Cas is drawn to him, and offers to let Dean live with him and his lawyer husband Sam until he's fully healed. Dean relents and wakes up in a crib after a deep sleep. He becomes their baby, regressing as part of his therapy.

7. Born Again Winchester by majestic_duck: PG/Gen, Incomplete at 10,000 words.

Sam can't tolerate Dean's risky behavior and decides that it's due to a poor upbringing. So he raises him all over again.

8. Temporary Solution by Into_Oblivion: PG/Gen, Complete at 14,000 words.

Sam is tired of his brother's anger and decides to stop it. With the help of Cas, he mentally regresses Dean and decides to re-raise him as a baby.

10. Broken Home by alezig: PG-13/Teen, Jared/Jeff, Complete at 9,100 words.

Adopting an adult baby was supposed to fill the void in their lives. It was something both Jeff and Jared had been longing for, and since they first saw Jensen, they knew he belonged with them. Neither of them had counted on old scars.

11. Lullabies for Grown-Ups: PG-13/Teen, Jared/Jeff, 11 Parts, Complete.

Born from the same prompt as Broken Home, this story focuses on the adoption of Baby Jensen, and the past trauma influencing his current behavior. Especially when Jeff and Jared drive him back to the adoption agency for answers.

13. Daddy, Papi, and Deany 'verse by cazmalfoy: PG/Gen, eventual Sam/Castiel, WIP at 22,000 words.

A verse in which Dean calls Cas "Daddy" on accident one day, setting a non-sexual infantilism relationship in motion.

14. Raising Dean by Into_Oblivion: PG/Gen, Complete at 26,500 words.

Sam must take care of Dean after Dean suffers brain damage from a car accident that causes him to mentally regress into a baby.

15. All the Broken Pieces by OpaqueXApathy: PG-13/Teen, Daddy!Cas and Daddy!Sam, Complete at 24,000 words. A series of complete one-shots.

Hiding Dean's multiple personality disorder (especially from Dean) has never been easy. It was even more impossible to explain to him that one personality was four months old, and that another was three years old.

16. The Roles We Play by psychicdreamsandangelwings: PG-13/Teen, Baby!Dean, Daddy!Cas, and Brother!Sam, Complete at 10,500 words.

John shows up unexpectedly, causing Dean to relive some of his worst childhood memories. Unable to cope with the sudden onslaught, Dean starts slipping into his little headspace. But Cas is on a business trip and won't be home for days. Warning: mentions of past non-con and abuse.

17. In Other's We Trust by imperfectwench: PG-13/Teen, Jared/Jeff, 14 Lengthy Chapters, Complete.

Jeff and Jared adopt Baby Jensen to build a loving family. Part of the Three is a Family 'Verse. Sequel: Summer Holiday, also 14 Chapters and Complete. One-shots for this verse include Potty Palava's, Underwater Adventures, Doctor Doctor, Animal Antics, Dental Deeds, TLC and its Sequel, Colic Conundrums, The Distracting Step, and Optical Observations.

This verse has a sequel verse, Reverse Rewind. Some of the same characters, but some changes as well. Unfortunately, the parts aren't linked, so you will need to click on each part here:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

One-shots for this verse include The Daily Motions, Happy Halloween, Diaper Dramas, Crib Capers, Sleepover Stories, Dastardly Deeds, Haircut Horrors, Fevered Dreams, Allergies, Bring Your Child to Work Day Part 1 and Part 2, and Bathtime Fun.

18. Duck Blanket: PG/Gen, 2 Parts, Incomplete.

Dean has been having nightmares, and Sam has the perfect solution to get him to sleep.

19. Age of Innocence by doesthatmakemepokey: PG-13/Teen, Incomplete at 11,900 words.

Pre-series. Dean gets smacked with an age regression curse, turning him into a baby in an adult's body until John can turn him back... but does John want to?

20. To Be So Blessed by siennavie: PG/Gen (for now), Jared/Jeff, Incomplete at 5,500 words.

Jeff and Jared visit an adoption agency and find Jensen, an adult baby who hasn't been adopted in four years of attempted placement. They visit him several times, preparing to take him home. Unfortunately, the fic cuts off before they gain his trust enough to take him from the adoption facility.

21. We're Forever, Right? by debauchedsock: PG/Gen, Jared/Jeff, 2 Parts, Incomplete.

Jared has a miscarriage. He and Jeff begin the process of adopting Baby!Jensen.

22. A Piece of Me (scroll down to second fill): R/Mature for violence and abusive behavior, Jared/Jeff, 24 Parts. Incomplete but could be read as complete.

Amputee Jensen became an Adult!Baby to deal with his PTSD, but after being put into an abusive foster home, he wonders if he'll ever find someone to truly love him. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jared work to rescue him.

23. The J3 Family: PG/Gen, Jeff/Jared, 1 Part, Incomplete.

Baby!Jared or Baby!Sam:

1. Home is You by TrufaxRex: PG-13/Teen, Jensen/Misha, Complete at 35,500 words.

Misha and Jensen are ready to start a family, but haven't found the perfect boy. Until shy university student Jared walks into Jensen's office and flashes those dimples. He may just be the perfect candidate. Mod note: May be read from chapter three onward, though the earlier chapters shed light on character relationships pre-abduction. Excellent fic. It has a very brief sequel as well: It's Hard to Be Right.

2. (Don't) Need You by ElegantGhost: PG-13/Teen, Dean/Castiel, WIP currently 5,000+ words.

Sam escaped his abusive father's wrath and ran away to Stanford. Three years in, he's exhausted and starving, but determined to graduate with honors. Until one night, when college librarian Cas and a strange man abduct him, whisking him away to an isolated cabin. He wakes up in an adult-size crib.

5. The Final Solution by Abaddonite0345: PG-13/Teen, Complete at 25,000 words.

Sam falls afoul of a witch's curse that leads the Winchester's on an interesting journey. Will they discover a solution in time, or is one already staring them in the face?

6. A Little Different by anythingpastorpresent: PG/Gen, Complete at 800 words.

When Sam gets hit by a curse, he's turned into a baby. Only his body is full-grown, and Dean has a hard time adjusting.

7. Not Ready and its sequel Still Not Ready by Jadeycakes99: PG/Gen, Complete at 3,000 and 4,800 words.

Cas and Dean take turns caring for Little!Sam during his times of need.

8. Stuffed: PG/Gen, 2 Brief Parts, Complete.

Sam's having trouble sleeping, so Dean decides to try something - block out all of Sam's senses.

9. Something a Bit Different: PG-13/Teen, 7 Parts, Complete.

Sam wants a coloring book. He discovers infantilism and, much to his surprise, Dean is actually okay with it.

10. Family: PG/Gen, 2 Brief Parts, Complete.

11. Knight of Hell Dean by ereynolds and cacoethes_scribendi: PG/Gen, w/ Demon!Dean, WIP at 84,000 words.

After waking up as a Knight of Hell, Dean leaves Sam to keep him safe. Four months later, Sam has run himself ragged searching for a cure and looking for Dean at the same time. Mentally/physically exhausted and malnourished, Sam finally crosses a line. Unbeknownst to Sam, Dean has been keeping tabs on his little brother's activity. It's the final straw for Dean. He pops in on an unsuspecting Sam.

Other and/or Both:

1. Swing Set 'Verse by princessladybug: PG/Gen, Little!Sam and Little!Dean, Daddy!Cas, Complete at 117,000 words.

In this five-part 'verse, Sam and Dean mentally take shelter as young children when times are tough. Cas is there to see them through sickness and doubts.

2. Love and Protection by cacoethes_scribendi: PG-13/Teen, Baby!Sam and Baby!Dean, Castiel/Gabriel, WIP at 45,000 words.

Sam and Dean have been abandoned by their father. It's been six months since they last saw him. Dean hustles pool and turns to prostitution for money. One day, Castiel finds them and decides they're the answer to his dreams of a family with Gabriel. Will they agree to his terms? Will John return?

3. The Devil is My Daddy by Kira_the_Cat: PG-13/Teen, Baby!Sam and Baby!Dean, Daddy!Lucifer, Daddy!Michael, and Uncle!Crowley, WIP at 13,000 words.

The Cage is open and Lucifer is back. Is he back for revenge? Nope. He just wants to be Sam and Dean's daddy. Crowley is more than willing to help him out.

4. What a Little Angel by NocturnalCharmer: PG/Gen, Little!Gabriel and Daddy!Sam, Complete at 3,600 words.

Sometimes Gabriel just wants to be little. He visits Sam.

5. Baby Blues: PG/Gen, Baby!Misha, and Daddy!Jensen and Daddy!Jared, 6 Parts, Incomplete.

Baby Misha has the blues.

6. Babied: PG-13/Teen, Baby!Sam and Baby!Dean, and Daddy!John, Incomplete w/ 3 Parts.

Unhappy with his sons disobeying him, John drugs their dinner and puts them back into diapers. When Sam wakes up the next morning, he knows exactly what happened.

Sexual Infantilism Kink Fics:

Sorry I don't have summaries for some of these. In some cases, they're just too short and PWP, and in others, I haven't thoroughly read them. Please keep in mind, these are sexual infantilism stories. If you seek non-sexual infantilism, you've strayed a bit too far.

Baby!Jensen or Baby! Dean:

1. The Snow Covers My Footsteps by londeredsock: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 29 Parts, lengthy but Incomplete. Jensen is a waiter in a late-night diner. One day while going home, he's kidnapped by Jeff as a present for his partner, Jared, who has wanted an adult baby for years.

2. The Journey Back to Trust by SizzlinMama: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Castiel/Daddy!Jared, Complete at 44,000 words. Castiel proposes a daring plan to Sam to save Dean, and ultimately them all. Regressed Dean. Mpreg.

3. Baby Soft by lady_daze: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, Complete at 2,300 words. Instead of sucking on a bottle, Jared wonders if Jensen might like to suck on something else instead.

4. Be My Baby by 3oclockrock: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, Complete at 1,300 words.

5. Snow 'Verse by avid_reader89: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 5 Parts, Complete. Scroll all the way down to read the first story. The Snow 'Verse includes the stories Snow, Everyone Poops, Daddyhood, Of Teddy Bears and Naptimes, and Strangers and Friends.

6. Baby Boy: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, 12 Parts, Complete. Eight-year-old Jensen gets lost in the woods for a day before he comes across Jared's house. No one is home, so he lets himself in and falls asleep in a child's bedroom. Then Jared comes home.

7. Comforted by ohsweetmarie: R/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, Complete at 1,500 words. Jared watches Jensen get himself off by humping a stuffed bunny.

8. Gravity and Devotion: NC-17/Mature (really), Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 4 Parts, Complete.

9. Rocking Horse: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, One Part, Complete.

10. Needs: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Dean/Daddy!Sam, 4 Parts, Complete. Dean is sick and cranky. Sam knows what he needs.

11. The Sweetest Connection: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, 13 Parts, Complete.

12. Bumping Into My Life... by hunter_cuddler: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 83 Parts, Complete.

13. The Universal Cure for Stress by littlefirefly31: R/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, Complete at 3,000 words. Jensen likes to suck things and is stressed at work. Cue a curious Jared, who wants to help his boyfriend.

14. A Family Christmas by whiskeygalore: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Misha, Complete at 6,800 words. Jared and Misha are a married couple who, for Christmas, decide to adopt. The only problem is that the boy they want to adopt is not a baby, but an adult who will probably fight their daddy love.

15. Milking Daddy: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 2 Parts, Complete. Infantilism threesome.

16. Break Out the Bottle: NC-17/Mature, Baby!MPreg!Jensen/Daddy!Jared, 3 Parts, Complete. Baby!Jensen is having a baby. He and Jared will need to re-balance their lives after the birth, but until then, they're working on how to pinpoint Jensen's cravings when he refuses to speak.

17. Sammy's Little Boy Part One and Part Two by julz1981: PG-13/Teen, Baby!Dean/Daddy!Sam, Meant to be eventually sexual, 2 Lengthy Parts, Incomplete.

18. The Good Life by londeredsock: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Puppy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 4 Parts, Complete.

19. Born to be Our Baby: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 12 Parts, Incomplete.

20. Jensen Has Two Daddies: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Jensen/Daddy!Jared/Daddy!Jeff, 1 Part, Incomplete.

Baby!Jared or Baby!Sam:

1. Merry Christmas, Baby: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Sam/Reader!Dean, 2 Brief Parts, Complete. It's Christmas, and Reader!Dean makes merry by gifting Sam with ecstasy-level happiness.

2. All Wrapped Up by anythingpastorpresent: NC/17/Mature, Baby!Sam, Complete at 2,500 words. Sam and Dean settle down in a no-name town where no one knows they're brothers. It's a million times better than Sam expected, but that's largely in part to who he's spending his life with.

3. New Babysitter: R/Mature, Little!Jared/Daddy!Jeff/Sitter!Jensen, 4 Parts, Incomplete.

4. Winchesters' World. New Beginnings. by deanandsam: NC/17/Mature, Baby!Sam/Daddy!Dean, WIP at 12,500 words. Prequel to Winchesters' World.

5. Winchesters' World by deanandsam: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Sam/Daddy!Dean, Complete at 19,000 words. Sam and Dean have come to an arrangement which might seem outlandish to some, but for them it seems to work perfectly.

Other and/or Both:

1. Corner Time by Mayalaen: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Cas/Daddy!Gabriel, Complete at 4,300 words. Gabriel is given the task of punishing Castiel after the events of season six. Angels take a hands-on approach to discipline, but it's out of love and concern, whether Castiel wants it or not.

2. Baby Boy by jack_ten_master: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Mental!Cas/Daddy!Dean/Daddy!Sam, 5 Parts, Complete. When Cas is booted from a mental hospital, Sam and Dean see it as a sign that Cas is meant to be their baby. They take him in and he grows to love them. In every way.

3. Baby: NC-17/Mature, Baby!Cas/Daddy!Dean, 3 Parts, Complete. Cas really is Dean's baby in a trenchcoat.

Last Resort Fics:

These fics are called Last Resort fics either because they're very short infantilism drabbles, they only contain elements of infantilism, or they're sexual fics containing age play elements (but not to the point of infantilism). That isn't to say these fics are sub-standard. Only that they don't fit the ideal infantilism parameters. All lists are both non-sexual and sexual, and are marked accordingly.

Infantilism Drabbles:

1. Drabble #1: Non-sexual, PG/Gen, Baby!Dean and Daddy!Cas, Complete.

2. Drabble #2: Sexual, NC-17/Mature, Baby!Dean and Daddy!Cas, Complete.

3. Drabble #3: Sexual, PG-13/Teen, Baby!Cas and Daddy!Dean, Complete.

4. My Baby by AngelWithPie: Sexual, PG/Gen, Baby!Cas and Daddy!Dean, Complete.

5. Caring for Sammy by AngelWithPie: Non-sexual, PG/Gen, Baby!Sam and Daddy!Dean, Complete.

6. Spit in the Rain by Charli, Non-sexual, PG/Gen, Thumb!Sucking!Dean, Complete at 300 words.

Fics Merely Containing Infantilism Elements:

1. The Omega Sentence by sanshal: Sexual, PG-13/Teen, Babied!Jared/Owner!Jensen, Complete. Jared has been under suppressants for years to hide his omega nature, but after an unpleasant experience in jail, he'll need to learn to be a proper omega to his alpha.

2. Here, Take My Hand by Elijah_Dentwood: Non-sexual, PG/Gen, ThumbSucking!Sam and Dean, Complete at 500 words. When Sam's upset, he's comforted by sucking Dean's thumb.

3. Fix(ation) by dru: Sexual, NC-17/Mature, ThumbSucking!Sam/Dean, Complete. Followed by Bioluminescence, Incarnations, Equinox, Recurrent (4th down), Synthesis (3rd down), Untitled/Clicky (2nd down), and Suffusion (1st on list).

4. The Only Thing That's Real by runedgirl: Sexual, NC-17/Mature, ThumbSucking!Sam/Dean, Complete at 27,000 words. The destruction of the wall in Sam's head leaves him veering dizzily back and forth between reality and vivid flashbacks of the pit. Sam's terrified, desperate, and dangerous. Most people would walk away. But Dean Winchester's not most people.

5. Devious Journal Entry by AngelWithPie: Non-sexual, PG/Gen, Merman!Tiny!Cas/Dean, Complete.

Multiple fics are added every few months. Recently-written fics may be available here, or under other infantilism-related tags on archiveofourown.org.


Can I just say I think I love you right now? This is an awesome idea and there are some here I have not read :) happy days ahead!!

thank you for doing this <3
No problem! Happy reading. :)

Influx of new infantilism storie

I don't know if you have read or been on AO3, but there has been a massive writing of Infantilism both sexual and non sexual with all of the genres you listed above.

I hope you get a chance to see them, but basically all of you WIP's have been upgraded but a few, there are dozens of new stories and upgraded ones.

Hope you get the chance to go and see them and link them to this site.

Re: Influx of new infantilism storie

Wow, thanks! Apparently I'm behind. :) I'll go ahead and update these archives, not to mention add new stories in a couple weeks.
Love so much!Thank you!!
A daddy for me by Missyswife37 A daddy series is really good u should check it out

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