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elegant_ghost in spninfantilism

All About Posting to the Community

This is a community. As such, anyone may post an entry. However, all entries are sent to the community moderator(s) for approval, which means they won't appear right away.


1. All entries must be on the topic of Infantilism (and, ideally, Supernatural or Supernatural RPF).

2. All explicit material must be placed under a cut, with an explanation of the contents under said cut.

3. For the sake of courtesy, please refrain from using vulgar language, offensive terms, etc. whenever possible. If these appear in fanfic or fanart, it must be noted or (or placed under a cut, in the case of fanart).

4. When posting fanfic, only Chapter One or the complete fic is allowed. Anything more than the summary and warnings should be placed under a cut for the sake of brevity. Each new fic will be added to the Masterpost and periodically updated if it is a WIP.

5. Only three tags are allowed per post. Please use tags already in use whenever possible.

Posts May Include:

  • Fanart, fanvids, and fanfic.

  • Fill requests. Please note that until this community is widely known, responses may be limited.

  • Search requests - these are by no means discouraged, but please search the Masterpost first.

  • Journal-type entries regarding thoughts on WIP fics (insert cut for spoilers), how you discovered Supernatural infantilism, thoughts on outsider's perspectives, a fic you're thinking about writing, intelligent rants and raves, and more.

  • Questions and advice-seeking posts.

  • Picspams.

  • Polls.

  • And more. If it focuses on infantilism and Supernatural, it's welcome here. If you have any more questions, please see the Welcome and FAQ post for general information on the Supernatural Infantilism Community.


March 2015

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